About Us

After serving 27 years in prison Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. Inspired by his wisdom and words of hope, Cape Cookies started baking with only two employees. Today Cape Cookies employs more than three hundred and fifty people. Started in 1992 it has progressively and steadily grown into the national, and due to exports, international footprint it maintains today. Our products are sold in all 5 major retail chains in South Africa as well as in 23 other counties throughout the world including China, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia etc. Cape Cookies has its roots firmly planted in one of the most beautiful places in the world, namely, Cape Town South Africa hence the name.

Our products

A large assortment of deliciously unique treats that the whole family can enjoy.

Our cookies include memorable flavours such as Double Delight, Romeo Delight, Choc Chip, Muesli Yoghurt and Caramel Chip to name but a few. We have a selection of scrumptious classic and Luxury rusks and an assortment of amazing versatile crackers namely, VitaCrax, Snackcrax, Primeharvest, Snack Assortment etc. They are all flavor and value packed.

Our products are available:

·         Nationally – At all the major retail outlets within SA

·         Nationally – A network of Independent agents around the country

·         Internationally via our Export business

Quality, Flavour and Value

From its inception the Cape Cookies brand has been committed to these core components “QUALITY and VALUE”.. This meant developing our own unique recipes using only the best ingredients. Giving our customers a quality, flavorful tasting experience that is affordable is our main goal!

Our People

Cape Cookies’ ethos is one of modesty, hard work and family. The directors speak passionately about the importance of people. They realise that while their product may be cookies, their business is people. The staff members who make, distribute and sell the cookies, our network of independent agents, our retail stockists, as well as the people who ultimately share and enjoy them, are all part of the Cape Cookies family.



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