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    What is an independent agent?

    Independent agents form part of the Cape Cookies’ family. As a family member, an independent agent is able to enjoy benefits such as being able to purchase our delectable products and sell them to friends, family and work colleagues. Not only are agents entitled to free delivery and volume discount benefits, they are also able to apply for credit.

    How does this empower people?

    Just like a family, the Cape Cookies team provides independent agents with a unique support structure. This allows them to venture out and create their own business, thus earning extra income and reaching their full potential. By creating jobs and shaping the minds of those who wish to journey into an entrepreneurial field, we are baking a difference as well as adding value to and empowering the previously disadvantaged and youth of South Africa.

    How can I become a Cape Cookies’ independent agent?

    Please contact our call centre on 0860 COOKIES (0860 266 5437). Please note that this is a share call number, i.e. local Telkom rates will be paid from any part of South Africa. Alternatively, ‘Submit’ your details on the left and one of our Sales consultants will get back to you within 24 – 48 business hours.

    Products that are available to our Agents

    Product Size
    Cape Cookies Luxury Assorted 2 kg
    Economy Assorted Cookies 1 kg
    Choc Chip Cookies 1 kg
    Double Delight Cookies 1 kg
    Muesli Youghurt Cookies 1 kg
    Romeo Delight 1 kg
    Juliet Delight 1 kg
    Cape Cookies Rusks Muesli 1 kg
    Cape Cookies Rusks Buttermilk 1 kg
    Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Almond 900g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Black Forest 900g
    Snack Assortment 800g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Muesli 500g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Buttermilk 500g
    Cape Cookies Luxury Assorted 500g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Almond 450g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Black Forest 450g
    Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Fig 450g
    VitaCrax Crispbread 200g
    Digestives Original 200g
    Digestives Choc 200g
    Digestives Yoghurt Choc 200g
    SnackCrax Mediterranean Herb 200g
    SnackCrax Black Pepper 200g
    SnackCrax Smokehouse 200g
    SnackCrax Atlantic Sea Salt 200g

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