Terms and Conditions:

Competition rules – Independent Agent 2018 Festive Period

1. Introduction

Cape Cookies (“promoter”, “we”, or “us”) is running a promotional competition. By being or signing up as an Independent Agent of Cape Cookies and ordering and selling a specified amount of product you can win amazing prizes

2. Definitions

In this Agreement

2.1 participant or you means the person who signs up as an Independent Agent of Cape Cookies.

2.2 promoter means Cape Cookies.

3. Duration and who can enter

3.1 The competition will run from 1 July 2018 to 14 December 2018 and the draw will take place on 20th December 2018.

3.2 The competition is conducted by the promoter.

3.3 No one who is a director employee or service provider, or who is a spouse, life partner, close family member, business partner, or associate to a director, employee or service provider may take part or enter the competition.

3.4 This competition is only open to legal residents of the South Africa aged 18 years or over.

3.5 Entry into this competition is regarded as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

4. How to enter

4.1 To enter you must be an Independent Agent of Cape Cookies and order a total of 300kgs during the competition period to gain one entry. For every additional 100kgs sold, you will gain one additional entry. For example, if you order 500kgs you will have 3 entries.

4.2 The amount of entries per agent is capped at 10 entries.

4.3 Consumer Protection Act. Under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), we need to keep records of all the people used to promote the Promotional Competition. We (or one of our subcontractors or affiliates) will keep this agreement for three years to serve as the record as required by the CPA.

5. Promotional competition reward

5.1 Prizes. You can win one of ten R10 000.00 cash prizes. You can only win once.

5.2 Redeeming prizes. We will award prizes after the close of the competition within a reasonable time by electronically transferring the money or giving you a voucher equal to the prize amount.

6. Prize winner selection and publicity

6.1 Choosing a winner. The prize winners will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries by the promoter after the end of the competition.

6.2 How will you know if you have won. Each winner will be contacted telephonically, through email, or on WhatsApp after they have been selected.

6.3 We may ask winners to take part in publicity connected to this competition. Winners grant permission for us to use their names and photographs in any advertising and promotional material for this competition through electronic mediums such as Facebook. You may ask to not be part of this.

6.4 You will not receive any payment for taking part in the competition, or taking part in any media format related to it.

6.5 The prizes are not transferable. You cannot ask us to give you another prize of similar value.

6.6 Contact. If you have a question about the competition please email

7. Dispute resolution

7.1 Arbitration. If there is any dispute, the parties must refer the dispute within 15 business days to arbitration (including any appeal against the arbitrator’s decision) under AFSA’s latest rules for expedited arbitrations.

7.2 CPA dispute resolution. Despite 7.1, any party may use other dispute resolution channels provided for by the CPA or other law.

7.3 Severability. This clause is separate and divisible from the rest of this agreement and stays effective even if this agreement ends or is invalid.

8. General Rules

8.1 No liability. By taking part in this competition you agree that you will not hold us liable for any losses, harm, damages, injury, claims or actions related to this competition.

8.2 Force majeure. No party will be responsible for any breach of this agreement caused by circumstances beyond its control.

8.3 Changing the rules. These rules, including the duration of the competition, can only be reasonably changed (or superseded) by us in a written revision to these rules posted using any potential official competition communication methods we use to reach a majority of potential participants.

8.4 Tax. Income or other taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.

8.5 Governing laws. South African laws govern this competition.

8.6 Use of personal information. Participants understand and agree that in order to offer the competition, the promoter must collect and use personal information about them.

8.7 Termination of the competition. If we need to, because of legislative or regulatory reasons, we may terminate the competition immediately and without notice. If this happens you will not have any claim against us, because of this.

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What is an independent agent?

Independent agents form part of the Cape Cookies’ family. As a family member, an independent agent is able to enjoy benefits such as being able to purchase our delectable products and sell them to friends, family and work colleagues. Not only are agents entitled to free delivery and volume discount benefits, they are also able to apply for credit.

How does this empower people?

Just like a family, the Cape Cookies team provides independent agents with a unique support structure. This allows them to venture out and create their own business, thus earning extra income and reaching their full potential. By creating jobs and shaping the minds of those who wish to journey into an entrepreneurial field, we are baking a difference as well as adding value to and empowering the previously disadvantaged and youth of South Africa.

How can I become a Cape Cookies’ independent agent?

Please contact our call centre on 0860 COOKIES (0860 266 5437). Please note that this is a share call number, i.e. local Telkom rates will be paid from any part of South Africa. Alternatively, ‘Submit’ your details on the left and one of our Sales consultants will get back to you within 24 – 48 business hours.

Products that are available to our Agents

Product Size
Cape Cookies Luxury Assorted 2 kg
Crunchy Shortcake Cookies 1 kg
Economy Assorted Cookies 1 kg
Choc Chip Cookies 1 kg
Double Delight Cookies 1 kg
Muesli Youghurt Cookies 1 kg
Romeo Delight 1 kg
Juliet Delight 1 kg
Cape Cookies Rusks Muesli 1 kg
Cape Cookies Rusks Buttermilk 1 kg
Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Almond 900g
Cape Cookies Rusks Black Forest 900g
Snack Assortment 800g
Cape Cookies Rusks Muesli 500g
Cape Cookies Rusks Buttermilk 500g
Cape Cookies Luxury Assorted 500g
Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Almond 450g
Cape Cookies Rusks Black Forest 450g
Cape Cookies Rusks Honey + Fig 450g
VitaCrax Crispbread 200g
Primeharvest Original 200g
Primeharvest Choc 200g
Primeharvest Yoghurt Choc 200g
SnackCrax Mediterranean Herb 200g
SnackCrax Black Pepper 200g
SnackCrax Smokehouse 200g
SnackCrax Atlantic Sea Salt 200g