Publicity Update

Cape Cookies joins Habitat for Humanity SA to build homes for the needy

Habitat for Humanity SA, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, has created International Nelson Mandela Build Week with the aim of building no less than 67 houses between Monday, 14 and Friday, 18 July in Pelican Park – the largest integrated development project of its kind in the Western Cape.

To achieve their ambitious target, Habitat required the community’s support, both in helping to raise the necessary funding as well as volunteering their time on site to build the 67 houses.From the moment that Cape Cookies heard about this phenomenal initiative they wanted to get involved. “We were looking for a great project to get involved with to do our bit for International Nelson Mandela Day and this initiative seemed to be the perfect fit,” said Cape Cookies CEO Rob Packham.

Habitat for Humanity SA remarkably managed to round up 950 volunteers to donate their time and skills on site. Cape Cookies was pleased to be able to donate cookies and rusks for all the dedicated volunteers, which they could enjoy with their morning tea and during their lunch break.

Packham concludes, “The Cape Cookies team are privileged to have been involved with the Habitat for Humanity organisation and their worthwhile contribution towards the International Nelson Mandela Build Week project.”

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