Cape Cookies in the FMCG – The Country’s Best Kept Secret

Cape Cookies - FMCG

Looking for a scrumptious treat that the whole family can enjoy? A delicious tasting treat to pack into lunch boxes and picnic baskets?

Cape Cookies has been baking a difference since 1992, with a large assortment of mouth-watering flavours to enjoy, such as Double Delight, Romeo Delight, Choc Chip, Coconut Crunch, Ginger Oaties, Muesli Yoghurt and Caramel Chip to name but a few. So whether it’s Double Delight for dad, Muesli Yoghurt for mom or Choc Chip for the children, Cape Cookies has the whole family’s sweet tooth covered.

Cape Cookies are value packed with flavour – available in 500g and 1kg packs.

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